“Two residents of Champlain Towers South are sharing their stories of survival, with one resident describing what he felt inside the building, and one who said his girlfriend wanting to spend more time with him is what saved his life.”

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“Luis Bermudez is grieving the loss of his 26-year-old son Luis “Luiyo” Andres, one of the 11 victims of Thursday’s Surfside, Florida building collapse. He tells “CBS This Morning” Lead National Correspondent David Begnaud about a life well-lived of a young man who was always ”

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“The confirmed death toll after the partial condominium building collapse in Surfside, Florida, now stands at 11 people. 150 people remain unaccounted for, as crews continue to work around the clock looking for survivors. CBS News’ Laura Podesta joined “CBSN AM” with the latest.”

#2021 #Florida #ChamplainTowers #11 #LauraPodesta

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